There’s nothing like a new arrival to brighten up your life, and making thoughtful baby shower gifts helps celebrate the baby’s arrival. Whether you’ve spent days searching for the perfect present or want to think outside the box, you can find the perfect gift to celebrate a baby boy, baby girl, or gender-neutral baby.

Your baby shower gifts will set the tone for the shower, and you’ll enjoy celebrating with your friends and family more if every gift is special. One of the best ways to make your gifts stand out is to make them unique.

If you’re stumped on inspiration, here are some tips for making unique baby shower gifts.

Create a gift basket

If you’re planning a great baby shower for a friend or relative, then you’ll need some extra baby shower gift ideas that you’re sure to get compliments on. One of the best gift ideas is to come up with a gift basket full of lovely baby products and accessories. You can fill your gift basket with useful baby items like baby lotion, bubble bath, baby wash, baby socks, baby bibs, baby nail clippers, and teething rings.

Think practical

People are likely going to bring gifts that see the likes of clothing, formulas, supplements, and more. But on your end, you could consider practical gifts to give. For example, you can Discover Nua Baby’s premium car seats, or similar seats from a different brand. You could also consider getting a detachable stroller. These make it convenient for the couple and the baby when they’re heading out, whether it be in a car or on foot.

Leave the big gifts for close family

When it comes to baby shower gifts, you can never go wrong with a cute and useful onesie or bib or swaddle. But if you really want to give a gift that the recipient will cherish forever, look for a gift that’s a bit more specific. Consider giving a special piece of artwork or a framed photo of the baby, personalized baby bedding, or a special framed poem or rhyme.

Homemade gifts make beautiful keepsakes

Buying a gift, especially a baby shower present, for a friend or family member can be daunting. You want to make it unique, and personalized and show that you care. A great way to do that is to give a gift that you created yourself. Homemade gifts are not only lovely, but they are also usually cheap, too. All you really need is a sewing machine and a little creativity.

Hold off on unsolicited advice

It is important to receive baby shower advice only from people you invite to the shower for obvious reasons. But, you should also feel free to receive unsolicited advice as well. Consider asking a cousin, aunt, or friend what gifts they would recommend giving. They could provide unique and useful suggestions that would be sure to delight the expectant mother.

Give a baby book in lieu of a card

A baby shower is a fun party to celebrate the arrival of a baby. Add a personal touch to the baby book your shower guests receive. Instead of getting the standard baby book, consider giving a book filled with photos of your mom and dad’s journey to parenthood. Use photos to give a visual account of how life has changed for you since you became a sibling.

Buy bigger sizes

For many new parents, one of the variables that makes pregnancy so challenging is the fact that it can leave you feeling and looking less than your best. Just look at any maternity fashion magazine, and you’ll find a parade of oversized tops, baggy pants, and oversized sneakers. But it’s also not that unusual for many women to continue to gain weight after giving birth, sometimes putting themselves at risk for serious health problems.

As you plan the festivities for your baby shower, consider the unique gifts you can give to the expectant parents. You can make the gifts more personalized by adding personal touches and paying attention to details.

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