It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to start thinking about holiday presents for friends, family, and coworkers—which usually means a trip to the mall/online shopping. While we’re busy picking out the perfect gift for everyone on our list, it’s vital to remember ourselves too. (Maybe after everyone else has unwrapped their gifts, you’ll be able to wedge yourself into the wrapping paper).

Here are a few gift ideas that will make us smile a little this year.

Customized coffee mugs

Personalized coffee mugs are the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. They make great anniversary gifts for coffee addicts, those who enjoy a cup of joe every morning before work, and those on the road a lot. These mugs also make great gifts for new parents or significant others. These mugs can be customized with pictures and text to make them unique gifts.

Custom journals

Your gift recipient probably spends a lot of time writing, so it only makes sense to give them a journal that will show how much you care about their writing. Details Journal is a line of custom journals and planners that make it easy for you to give a gift with meaning. You can add your message, photos, and designs to any journal or planner’s blank pages. You can personalize the covers with a name or monogram or put the recipient’s photo on the cover.

Custom pillows

A thoughtful gift that shows you care is always welcome. For people you know who celebrate a special milestone year, putting extra effort into finding the right present is almost always appreciated. One gift that never fails to impress is a personalized pillow. Whether it is a wedding gift for the happy couple, a birthday, or just a nice treat for yourself, a custom pillow is a great way to show your affection.

Custom bedding

This is your opportunity to show your friends and family that you really care for them—not just the present but also the memories. Custom bedding gifts are the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking of them during special occasions.

Personalized dog tags

A personalized dog tag is a great gift for anyone, especially someone with a dog who likes to wear jewellery. These necklaces can feature your dog’s picture, name, and contact information, making it easy to locate them if they get lost.

Custom photo books

Sharing memories of loved ones through photo books has never been more stylish, thanks to Shutterfly’s wide assortment of options. Their customizable options make creating and ordering one-of-a-kind photo books, calendars, and other eye-catching gifts easy. Choose from a range of colours, sizes, and themes to design your own keepsake.

Custom pillowcases

Custom pillowcases make a great anniversary present, especially if your other half is into blankets, quilts, and bedding. Personalised pillowcases also make useful new-baby gifts, birthday gifts, or any occasion when you want to show how much you care. While they offer plenty of fun and festive options (think poodles, rainbows, hearts, and ice cream cones), custom pillowcases can also be a fun and creative way to express yourself and remind your significant other they’re more than just an infatuation.

Custom Car Seat Covers

Get a custom car seat cover for the 20th-anniversary gift you want; they are the perfect way to commemorate a milestone occasion. Car seat covers are made from durable materials like leather or suede, come in various patterns, and are custom-made to fit your vehicle’s interior perfectly.

Custom Blankets

Blankets are the ultimate symbol of cosiness. They keep you warm on the coldest nights, they make the perfect nap-worthy blanket, and if you add your favourite characters’ faces, they become the ultimate photo prop. Custom blankets are the perfect gift for Star Wars fans, Harry Potter fans, Star Trek fans, Star Wars fans, and more. They are the ideal gift for anyone who needs a little extra something to snuggle with.

Custom Magnets

Magnets have always been cool, but now they’re also useful. The versatility of magnets makes them great gifts for small kids and adults and for all sorts of occasions. With so much variety, finding a gift that will be sure to please should be easy—but before you shop, brush up on your magnet knowledge first.

Looking through your library’s stacks or shelves is an invaluable way to connect with your fellow residents and discover unique hobbies or pastimes. But sometimes, the public library, or your local bookstore, doesn’t have what you’re looking for. That’s okay—there’s something great about giving a gift that keeps on giving.

This milestone year is a chance to think about things that matter and to give gifts that people will love. These gift ideas are practical yet unique. There’s something for everyone and reasons why not to give any of them.

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